Jun. 18th, 2012 07:28 am
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On the way to work today, there was a fluffy, grey-and-white half-grown kitten dead in the middle of the road. We do have a lot of feral cat colonies around here, so it's very possible that it was one of them, but we also have a lot of people who let their cats wander wherever, so it's equally possible if not more so that somebody will be missing their tiny friend tonight. I'm still kind of tearing up over it.

This is why I can't imagine any argument being worth it to let a cat roam outside alone. Would you let your dog wander around off leash and out of your fenced yard? Why do you love your cat any less to take care of and protect it? Except most cats could easily get out of a normal fenced yard (some dogs, too, honestly).

Some people would probably argue that giving the cat a "full" life is worth letting the cat possibly die from a car or some asshole poisoning it (as happened to every single cat in my grandma's neighborhood one time because one of the neighbors despised animals and put poisoned bait in his yard) or another animal maiming or killing it or something even worse. I call bullshit. There is a point where "natural" gets outweighed by "dying alone and in pain because kittens don't understand cars."



Mar. 18th, 2012 07:27 pm
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Okay, so before, I was kind of indifferent to FF13-2 with a sliiiiiiight leaning toward 'hey, this isn't all bad.'

No. I hate it now. Hate. Hate Hate Hate FIRE OF A MILLION SUNS HATE!

Augh, I'm so full of rage, I can't even properly communicate WHY I hate it. For some fucking reason, they decided it'd be a GREAT idea to pop in a level of platforming. For no fucking reason. I DON'T LIKE PLAYING PLATFORMERS OR I WOULDN'T HAVE BOUGHT FUCKING FF13-2, NOW WOULD I????????? I'd have bought a fucking PLATFORMER and not WASTED MY MONEY ON A FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT GAME!

I can't fucking figure out how to get where I'm fucking going, and I keep falling off the fucking platforms and dying or running into fucking monsters that I can't beat even though I'm withing ten levels of maxing out all of my roles. I'm so fucking pissed off right now.

Fine, game. You win. You fucking win. I'm about to fucking rage-quit your ass, and it's because you're a fucking shitty platformer AND a fucking shitty RPG. There. Happy now, you worthless piece of crap?
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Fucking LJ. So fucking pissed right now.

Not over the change. No, that's just typical LJ stupidity. The fact that there was not ONE COMMENT IN 60+ PAGES THAT THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA AND THEY ROLLED IT OUT ANYWAY. And now there is not one comment in 60+ pages that likes the new fucking comment pages, and do you hear two words from anyone official about it? Ha. No.

One of the LJ mods even admitted in a comment that everyone probably hates him/her right now.

To be fair, unless he/she is directly responsible for this hideous monstrosity of a comment page, I don't hate them. I hate LJ's entire dev team, and probably their PR team, too, but not specifically that mod. Unless they thought this was a good idea, and then I hate them with the fire of a thousand suns.

Even Facebook listens to their users better than LJ, and that's saying something.
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Why do people post shit to comms without a cut and then use the excuse 'I'm new to LJ' as the reason why they fail so much? Gah. No, you're stupid. Read the FAQ!

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Okay, this secret is bad enough. But I'm fairly used to stupid people making horrid secrets about stuff I like. Whatever.

Then, I got to this comment. WTF?! MIN doesn't contribute musically?! MIN?!

*flails about*
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My fucking license plate got stolen. *growls*

And I was having such a good day, too. Got to sit through an amaaaaazingly long and boring conference call, while my store co-manager made fun of our market manager, who was leading the call. Spent more time laughing than listening. It was really kind of pointless. After that, me and my assistant manager went out comp shopping for the new meat program we have, and she bought me lunch, and it was yummy. So that was a good three hours wasted. During which time I discovered said missing plate, but it was tempered by many jokes, so I suppose it didn't really seem so bad.

But right now, I am just rawrgh about the whole thing. Rawrgh.
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I should really not play video games anymore. I just shouldn't. At all. I can't even beat the frakking TRAINING LEVEL in Battlefronts. I'm so mad I'm shaking. Literally shaking. This is how I always get when I get stuck on a game, and it sucks, and then I HATE THEM for a really long time, and I'm too pissed to do anything but think about how frustrated I am with that game. This is when I start kind of wishing I was the sort to go out and stab people because I think that might make me feel better.
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Today, an actual comedian made me giggle. I like to keep my daily giggles varied and diverse, you see.

In other news, I had today off. It started off well with some lame show on Discovery that had all the camp of a B movie with none of the length or surprise plot twists. I like this kind of show near Halloween. Tis why Halloween is my favorite holiday, I get to watch so much campy television with people screaming and running and bleeding and all kinds of fun things. This one, I couldn't tell until about half an hour in whether it was supposed to be a heartwarming docudrama about a family overcoming adversity (you know the kind. Lifetime Original type stuff) or a Halloween show. About the time the kitchen floor started bleeding, though, I figured it out. ^_^

But then! Then I didn't see another Halloween-esque show ALL NIGHT (unless you count Resident Evil, but it was Sci-Fi. They're always showing stuff like that) and it made me sad like a sad thing. *sadpanda, see?* I'm not supposed to be able to go two channels the week before Halloween without running into a ghost story or a slasher fic. What's the world coming to?

Oh, speaking of which, I've been storing up this rant, and I'd just like to say a big FUCK YOU to Clear Channel and all the other idiots messing with my radio dial lately. For those who don't know, Clear Channel currently owns a good portion of, if not all, the radio stations out this way, and the others are quickly falling to similar conglomerates. First, they took away my 104.1 The Point (Rock. our ONLY rock station that played current top 40 stuff with no pop). But I moved on. Then they turned 105.3 Link FM, the golden oldies station, into 'songs you grew up with.' Trust me, I appreciate 80s stuff much as the next 80s child, but come ON. That was the ONLY station that played anything older than the mid-70s. Now, as the final, dignity-leeching straw, they've taken away 106.3 The Blaze, my last bastion of hard rock in the sea of pop and country that is our radio dial. DIAF, Clear Channel, et al. DIAF. I don't care what your damn demographics say, stop taking away my music. Fuckers.
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I hate people so veryvery much sometimes.
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My reproductive organs have staged a hostile takeover. I shall illustrate with this helpful cat macro:

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The idjit across the street is watering his lawn.


It's just above freezing today, and the grass has been brown for months, yet he's WATERING HIS LAWN.

God save us from the idiots.
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So, I'm suffering from dreadful, HORRIBLE apathy. I just don't wanna do anything. I know I'm not depressed caused I'm still eating and that's usually the first sign that something's wrong. I think my problem is that I don't have anything actually DUE until a week from Friday, but then the three weeks following that all have major projects AND the 17-19 is Nebraskon, so I need to have my costumes done and ARRRRRGH! I shouldn't be apathetic, I should be getting stuff done! *glowers at the world in general*

In other news, my car got run over.

...Yes, you read that right. Run over. Not by another car, or a truck, or anything like that. No. By some asshole on foot. Last weekend was homecoming, so some drunken idiot probably thought it was a good idea. I hope he tripped on the bumper and broke his face.



Jun. 9th, 2006 01:18 pm
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cut for female-style tmi )
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To the crow that decided to start doing an impression of a car alarm outside our window at 7:30 this morning.

Dear crow,

Plz shut up or die. Or both. Or at least don't wake me up an hour before my alarm goes off and then continue cawing to KEEP me up. Please choose one of the above choices and stick with it. This is not a problem with option two. Plzkthxbye.

Not much love (although crows are pretty cool, so some love),
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Since I'm living off other people's internet for the next three weeks, I must make these posts whenever I have a moment. For instance, right now, I'm at my aunt's for my bro-in-law's b-day party. whoo! *whippin' glowsticks* hee, or not. Actually, they're watching the DVD from the UNL choir Choral Garland concert *is embarrassed*. Nothing says family like sitting around watching yourself on TV. snerk.

Anyway, had the BEST experience at Village Inn (FEEL the sarcasm). First, we get in there and sit down, yay... until the waitress brings out our drinks and promptly dumps a glass of ice water down my sister's back. I'm still reserving judgement at this point... until she does it to my nephew, too. This woman is a COMPLETE CLUTZ AND IDIOT! Couldn't have been more inept if she'd been TRYING. Now, I'm usually pretty sympathetic to people in service jobs like waitressing and whatnot, but... seriously, this was BAD. BAAAAAAAAAAD. We're suffering through it, I'm trying to give her the benefit of the doubt... until it took almost an hour for us to get our food. She didn't turn in the tickets or something. Finally, another waitress (who we later found out was off duty by this time, AND on her final day of work before starting maternity leave. God BLESS this woman) started taking care of our table, after we got our food and it was cold, and I didn't get MY food at all, I got something I didn't even order. Ended up getting the meal at half price, my bro-in-law got a free piece of pie for his b-day, which VI doesn't do anymore, AND we got a free pie to take home. All-in-all... not such a bad deal. Even if it was frustrating as hell.

On a happier note, Ani stayed over last night. It was a slumber party. XD We did all kinds of fun stuff- watched FMA, Ani got hijacked by my nephew to play Sonic, Ani gave me Pride.. who's still in my head (curse you). Yay and stuff.

Will attempt to update again when I get a chance. Hey, FotA, how's it going in the wide world? The Manifesto is progressing nicely >D *evil* Well, into the wilds of break, we go. Catch ya'll on the flip side.


Nov. 18th, 2005 03:55 pm
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Two pages finished... although... a page and a half are at the actual beginning of the paper and the other half page fits in.. somewhere. At least I hope it will. I figure... I need at least 8 more pages, I have three days, if I can get like five pages done tomorrow (because I have all day) I should be fine... right?....... right?

The ringing hasn't stopped, but the pain has *knock on wood*. So that's a plus.

I'm gonna probably end up staying up kinda late at least one night this weekend to work on the paper.. cause, well, I'm a procrastinator and I tend to put things off unless I have a really good motivator.. like being able to sleep. Anyway, the roomie's trying to chase me out OF MY OWN ROOM because she says she won't be able to sleep if I'm awake and typing. Bleh. She can fricken lay up in bed and stare at the ceiling all night for all I care, because NO, I WON"T be 'more comfortable' down in the computer lab till all hours of the morning. That's why I fricken brought my own computer to college with me. So there, hah.

Yeah, the cold meds are making me a little childish, but I don't care, nyah. *raspberry and runs away*

Oh yeah, spose I gotta post this cause I did it.
Comment, and I will comment with a picture of the anime character that most reminds me of you. Then post the same in your journal.
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36 fucking years. That's how long it's been since the Huskers last lost a homecoming game. 36 YEARS. And we lose to Texas Tech, which means not only am I now completely disgusted by my own football team (and where the fuck were the Blackshirts' heads tonight? I'm sure I could think of a couple places, but I'd like to know) I'm also gonna catch from my friend who happens to be a rabid Raiders fan. Oh lucky me. Thanks a lot Cala-clod for totally screwing up my existence on so many levels. And I don't even like football.

On the FMA front, football is also screwing up my watching of FMA because people apparently like watching football on the big tv in the lounge at 10:30 at night. I hate football season.

Oh, last night was fun. Sat outside in the middle of a sidewalk for two hours last night, not realizing, having too much fun talking to some people from anime club. So we finally realize that we're all freezing solid and maybe should move inside ;) (I know, big revelation there considering it was like 30 degrees out). So I ask what time it is, figuring maybe 11 cause we'd gone out there at like 10:15 or something. It's 10 after midnight! OMFG! Then we ended up talking till 4 in the morning anyway. Ani and I discovered that McDonald's starts serving breakfast around 4:30. That made me sad, I wanted fries. Oh well. Pancakes were good, too. So I got about five hours of sleep last night. yay.

In other news, if we dress up like a Greek god for myth class on Halloween, we don't have to do the midterm essay. So... yeah, I'm gonna go as Athena, I think, cause she has the most clothes. Maybe I'll get a spear, too. >|}


Apr. 25th, 2005 02:50 pm
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Wow, this rant ended up way longer than I'd planned Yeah, read it here )

Happier news, I wrote another half-page on my paper yesterday... so yeah, getting almost nothing done. Well, one more week, sorta. Almost done. With everything. Most of the insanity will end by next Tuesday. After that, History final a week from Friday. Moving out all next week, in small increments that I can haul to and from my car by myself. Remind me again why I like living on the third floor?
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I hate April Fool's Day. I despise it. If it was a person, I would rip it's heart out with a spork. (Side note- sporks are always good implements of torture/death. Keep that in mind) I don't even know why I hate it that much. It's not like anyone has ever pulled a really huge prank on me- and don't any of you get any ideas, either. I just hate the whole thought that, MAYBE, someday I may be pranked. I especially hate when Fool's Day falls on a school day cause then you have to expose yourself to possible pranks, you can't just stay locked up in your room and sulk the day away. I really hate April Fool's Day. I don't even get why we need such an asinine holiday. It's not fair. It's the only holiday where participation is basically forced upon you. I mean, sure, the consumerism of the Christmas season is overwhealming, but you still have the option of not buying a tree, or presents, of turning off the TV, whatever. No, Fool's Day comes to get you whether you want it or not. People don't ask in advance if you want to be pranked. NOOOOOOOOO! Cause that would defy the whole sentiment the stupid, freaking holiday! And it's not even a holiday, it's just a stupid quasi-day that someone wanted to capitalize on. Bleh. I can do without it, thank you oh-so-very much. Stupid April Fool's Day. *grumble*


Mar. 24th, 2005 11:03 pm
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Stupid thing, stealing entries...grrrr.

Anyway. I keep thinking about how boring my life is sometimes. Like this week, for instance. Don't really have much to do. Not that I'm complaining or anything, but still. But starting next week, I have a test and a quiz and all kinds of other stuff, bleh. I don't want to have to do stuff. I'd rather be bored. But it got me thinking, life comes in chunks of activity with long spans of boredom. No, really, think about it. It's a...what do they call those kinds of patterns? Like how you can find the same repeating pattern of molecules in a single grain of granite as in the whole mountain or something like that. But, like, in a day, you generally have a quiet time in the morning, followed by insane busy-ness for a couple hours, however long at work, followed by more boredom in the afternoon and evening. Adjust to fit your work/sleep schedule and this is the general pattern. Expand this to a year. Starting out, the year is pretty quiet, with a large amount of boredom broken only by Easter/Spring Equinox/whatever you may celebrate. Then comes the summer, with more boredom, but generally at least a little more interesting, followed by insane busy-ness starting in late October on through the major holidays, ending with a slow down to the New Year. Again, adjust for your own schedule. Finally, look at an entire lifetime. You're born and that's basically the highlight of about the first 15+ years of your existence, punctuated by brief periods of activity centered around birthdays, holidays, or licenses, whatever. Then, WHAMMO! you hit your late teens/early twenties and life explodes with- say it with me- insane busy-ness. There's graduating, college, moving out, jobs, getting money, spending money, bills and payments and taxes, and runrunrunmakeitintheworldbyyourself. That's not even including if you decide to get married and have kids. That's just even more stuff. Then, you hit your 30s, and life slows down again, unless of course, you decided to have kids above, but even that isn't quite bad yet. Kids won't kick in until a good couple decades after they're born, so you should have a few years of boredom in there at least. Then, if you're lucky, you get to see the whole teens/twenties crises again only from the other side. yay. But then, another long stretch of boredom, punctuated only by a short stretch of activity surrounding retirement, or lack thereof if you decided to put kids off until later, and then a good 20-40 years of boredom, much like that of childhood except this time without all the birthdays/holidays/licenses to liven things up. Lucky us, huh? Really got something to look forward to.

In other news, I believe I may be slowly losing my mind to the stress. Or not so slowly, depending on who you talk to. I've been speaking in random accents recently, mostly southern, but occasionally reverting to the Eastern European one I did for NT. It's disconcerting. And I just had to look up how to spell 'celebrate' and I tried to spell of 'uf.' That's almost, but not quite, as bad as spelling it 'ove' which I have seen but never done myself. I will admit I was a party to that one, sadly, but it wasn't really my fault.

I better sign off before I become completely flibbertigibbetted. Ah well, too late for that, I suppose.

PS. (Can I put a PS on a journal entry?) Is it too much to ask for people to show a little common courtesy and not smooch and whisper and make little lovey-dovey sounds all of like three feet away from me? Is that really so hard? And I swear, girl, get someone who ISN'T falling apart! It'll make life easier, I promise. That's my firm belief. Whoever you plan on spending your life with should definitely have fewer emotional/physical/economic problems than you have. Which would logically present a bit of a problem somewhere down the line, but I figure, not everyone's gonna go in for this philosophy anyway, so... But really, she seems to look for guys with the expected shelf life of raw seafood. Seriously. Gah. I know this was a pointless rant, but I have to get them in while I can, the roomie's moving out in a week. Wow, what will I do without anymore roomie rants? Ah, I'll find something.


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