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So I just narked on my nephew. Narced? Narc'd? Whatever.

He's fifteen, you know how it is. He posted his class schedule on his facebook with his full name, address, and phone number. So I texted my sister about it, cause let's face it, fifteen year olds aren't the best judges of who and what should be on their facebooks. She calls and in the background, I can hear him all 'YOU'RE CRAZY!' cause she wants him to take it down.

I don't know, intarwebz. Am I outdated? Is it okay for teens to post all those details just everywhere? Do people not think facebook is as secure as swiss cheese anymore?

I told her I could walk them through cropping the photo to get rid of the personal stuff if she wanted, but we'll see. She hung up threatening to ground him or delete his facebook. Oops?

Date: 2012-07-25 04:23 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] andmydog
As somebody who deals with this issue professionally, TAKE YOUR DAMN ADDRESS OFF YOUR FACEBOOK, DUMBASS. Your nephew needs to learn that the internet is not his friend -- 15 is NOT too young to get your identity stolen.

Date: 2012-07-25 05:16 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] andmydog
See, a lot of us did some really stupid stuff back when the internet was shiny and new. But even then, there were some lines that you just didn't cross. Watching and reading and writing porn when you're far too young to do so is part of being a kid with access to the internet, but it's REALLY REALLY DUMB to give out your personal information. Hell, I didn't tell anyone online the STATE that I lived in until after college.

So here's some tips for your sister:

1. Once you post a picture to the internet (which includes sending it to a friend's phone, or email), it's there forever. Seriously. That picture will still be on the internet when your kids are having kids, and it will still have your name attached to it.

2. It's not because of pedophiles, stupid. Most kids seem to think that they are being told not to put their names and addresses online because a pedo in a dingy white van will drive cross-country to abduct them. This is more proof that kids are dumb. But try getting into the college of your choice with your credit already ruined by a couple guys in Russia.

3. STOP CLICKING ON SHIT. The internet is like sex. If you're going to go play, you need to know how to glove up. Kids need to be taught how to select, install, run, and update good antivirus/antimalware programs (and probably script blockers like NoScript too), AND they need to learn that all those popups that keep appearing on their screen are diseases they caught from whatever fun site their friend just linked them too. It's not just porn sites that give you virii, either. A lot of torrent sites are infected, because the malware is in the banner ads that autoload when you go to the site. This is why you need a script blocker.


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