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Nov. 13th, 2012 10:54 pm
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I'm probably way too tired to make an effective post, but here we go.

Thanks to the wonderful and amazing [personal profile] nina_vendredi (damn, did I spell that right? Why'd you have to change your name to be all confusing? Do you know how long it took me to remember how to spell [personal profile] rhosyn_du?) I now have an AO3 account! Wheeeeeeee. Nothing posted yet, cause I just got back, but I'll get around to it eventually. I'm corellianrogue over there, too.

But more importantly, just got back from seeing the Vienna Boys Choir. Their encore was Bohemian Rhapsody. They also did a couple Billy Joel songs, and let me tell you, operatic Billy Joel is hilarious. But yeah, a bunch of pre-teen kids singing Bohemian Rhapsody. It was actually pretty cool, even if I started giggling a couple times cause OMG ADORABLE. Seriously. Adorable. OMG.

I feel like there was a third thing, but I'm too tired to remember. Oh well.
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Home sick today, which means watching lots of daytime television while trying not to move so much that my stomach realizes I'm awake and flips out like a ninja. Watching Supernatural right now. I've only watched one ep before this, the one where Dean and Sam find the guy who writes novels about them, and find out about fandom. Fun episode, that.

But anyway, so I'm watching what seems to be a marathon, and there's the end of days or something, but I'm struck by the fact that everyone speaks using that gravely 'serious shit is going down' voice, like they're all 80s action movie heroes or Christian Bale's Batman or something. How does anyone take this show seriously? I mean, honestly.

Also, do they go through a lot of cough drops on set with all of the actors straining their vocal chords like that? These are the things I wonder.

Also also- Google seems to have a new(ish?) Easter Egg where they will calculate the Bacon Number of celebrities. I have yet to find one higher than two, but I'm sure I will eventually.
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You guys, omg, you guys. I just got a citation from, I kid you not, John and Mary Watson.

This is right up there with hearing 'James Kirk' paged at the airport.
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The fruit tray I bought for our office food day today promised "delicious if used by 4-15".

I'm going to hold it to that.
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I had someone ask if they could translate one of my fics into Vietnamese today.

I said yes, of course, but I'm still o.o over the request. I don't even know how to feel, other than flattered.

In other news, [personal profile] thousandneedles and I seem to have moved into a Disney movie. Every morning there are birds chirping and butterflies and people walking past with their pets and/or kids waving and saying hello. Bunnies and squirrels, too. So many bunnies and squirrels. There was even a bunny right at the edge of our patio just now. Last month, there were daffodils EVERYWHERE. It's certainly not perfect, but I really like it here.

Still so much cleaning and unpacking and cleaning at the old place to do, though. OMG. I did put our new coffee table together today, though, so that's a plus. And having cable again is still fun. I've watched Food Network more over the last week and a bit than I have in my entire life before this.

I should probably get back to all that, I suppose. Sigh. Someday, everything will be in its place. ...Of course, that'll probably be just in time for us to move again. Oh well.


Mar. 11th, 2012 07:46 pm
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Guys. Guys, no, seriously. Guys. What is this even.

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You guys... You guys...

corellianrogue: (hotdog) can't see the word 'robust' without giggling.
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So, in scrolling through my icons to pick one for a comment, I realized something. Something that really doesn't surprise me at all.


have basically the same expression.

Although that could be the cold meds talking. Just came home from work sick. It's just a cold, but colds always drain me way more than anything else, brain-wise. So I figure if they're going to be paying me to stare at a wall, it might as well be a wall in my own home. About to go lay down for a nap, but figured I'd waste time on the intarwebz while I ate a bit of lunch.

How've you been, flist?
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from [ profile] theangstmonkey

Comment on this post and let me know you want to participate. I will choose six userpics from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are using them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.

icons go here )

Also, working Big Red Welcome tomorrow. Going to be hot and horrible, but yay overtime? Really going to need it in the coming couple months. About a week and a half till the New Orleans vacation. Janel's uber excited and I want to be excited, but... well... scary. Which it doesn't seem fair of me to be scared when I dragged Janel up here and it's not like she gets to leave in five days after meeting MY family. She's stuck here. But it's still scary. But it'll be time away from work no matter what happens. So yay.

Cosplay is... coming along. Very slowly. So very slowly. Really don't know if we'll finish any of these costumes before November, but it's kind of fun anyway. And I'm making chainmaille. How cool is that? Chainmaille! Me! Making my very own! Out of real links and everything! Also trying to work on my fics for [ profile] hc_bingo but mostly failing so far. We'll see. I'll get at least one bingo if it kills me, but it's frustrating, wanting to write and not finding the time for that and rp and everything else ever and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Man, this is a longer post than I've made in months. Damn. Um... Also watching Protect the Boss. Oh, lord, this show will be the death of me. It's cute and heartbreaking and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah it needs to get subbed faster, fersrs.

Anyway. Flist. What's up with you?
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Hewwo thar, LJland! Been a bit of a while since I posted something of substance, but I've been sick and blah and [ profile] transitorial was in Georgia for two weeks on job training and I was aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah lonely (but luckily, I had my [ profile] krillia to keep me entertained and get me addicted to Doctor Who.) :(

(I mean, really, even though I talked to her every day either on the phone or IM. What is this? What has happened to me? I'm a woobie. :( x10000000000000000 Janel-withdrawal. No, seriously, you guys. It's amazing and really really scary all at once, and I never thought I could DO this and just... yes. Me. Forever. Stuff. I don't even.)


Anyway, that wasn't really what I wanted to talk about. There are so MANY things I wanted to talk about! :D I shall put them all under cuts, because this will get long, oh yes.

...For instance, I have just seen that David Tennant and Catherine Tate will be playing Benedick and Beatrice in a West End production of Much Ado About Nothing and ooooooooh, I'd sell a kidney to go. Any of you rich enough you feel like sending a poor, needy fangirl to London for a few days this summer? @_@

And speaking of David Tennant (sort of) [ profile] krillia has caught me up on the latest Doctor. Matt Smith is adorable, but his companions totally steal the show for me. Which is why Krill made me this Rory icon. I wibble so much over that episode.


A meme, specifically one stolen from Rainy~ :D )

And now some completely random, unrelated things that have happened to me lately. )

And finally, a bit of a rant on stupid people and why they shouldn't be allowed to use checks. )

Anyway, LJ, that's been my life lately. Lots of happy with Janel and my Krill, lots of rawr at work, and some other stuff here and there in the middle.

How've you all been?


Dec. 12th, 2010 01:46 pm
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RaVeN ~ says
Well... I don't need happiness right now D: I need sleep, so you can have all the Happotential I have
(and noooooo, not going to bed yet aoa No shooing me!)

Plague - go - round says
Happotential? XD

RaVeN ~ says
My happiness-potential!
You can has it~~~

D'aw. Just seriously d'aw.
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So. Yeah. A Twitter. I has one.

Jaetopus. If you get the reference, you can't blame me for it. [ profile] transitorial is a horrible enabler.

But yes. Follow me if you like. Or tell me to follow you. I am a sheep. Baa. Tell me to follow your favorite celebrities. Whatever. It's all cool.
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You know, there are a lot of times when I think the stuff on Not Always Right is either made up or GREATLY exaggerated, but... I really hope this one's real.

On an entirely different note: less than four days to me having a [ profile] transitorial and I am all asquee~
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Sorry, Krill. I know you hate that meme. But everyone is busy these days. I miss the old days with the [ profile] nft_nexus crew. Anyone else with me on that? Miss whitespace, too, but showing it to anyone else just wouldn't be the same.

Oh well. Guess it's just my mopey time of month. Still miss people, though. And rping. Like, group rping on LJ. But every time I try to get back into it, either I get distracted in the process or I get into a game that ends up being a dud. Mrr.

Oh, and tomorrow is going to be AMAZING at work, I can already tell. Because we were in the news AGAIN, so I'm sure everyone and their dog will be in screeching their heads off at us.

But! Happiness! Right! Have some silliness from Krill and I... really, who else would you expect? )
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But even in a fun sport... losing still sucks.

Them lighting off fireworks in the arena was kinda cool, though. And this way, America will not have an angry hat. Altogether, probably for the best. They might send the polar bears after us or something.
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There are probably about two people who will understand my header, and I don't even know if they will. Oh well.

Hockey, man. Hockey. Fucking crazy sport. You want to slam someone up against a wall? Allowed! You want to hit people with a hockey stick? Totally legal! You want to shove someone to the ice and skate over them? Practically necessary!

I'd forgotten just how much I enjoyed this sport. Haven't really watched it in years, just because hockey doesn't get oodles of tv time around here. But maaaaaaaaaaaaaan, it's fun. Fun fun fun. I mean, just now, the US guy skated up behind a Canadian guy and just checked him right into the boards for no apparent reason.

Awesome sport. Awesome. *goes back to chanting USA! USA! USA!*
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rainysoulmiasma: It really doesn't bode well when one of the people in your random dungeon group is named "Pniss."
CorsecGreenXWing: ..............
Auto-response: rainysoulmiasma is not available (11:52:49 PM)
Playing WoW. I'll get back to you when I'm not busy killing things.
CorsecGreenXWing: no. not so well
rainysoulmiasma: Yeah.
rainysoulmiasma: And our healer ditched.
CorsecGreenXWing: fun!
rainysoulmiasma: Yeah.
rainysoulmiasma: ...and now Pniss is going to be our healer.
rainysoulmiasma: I'M BEING HEALED BY PNISS. WAI.
CorsecGreenXWing: *falls over laughing*
rainysoulmiasma: Pniss was even a pretty good healer. D:
CorsecGreenXWing: *still laughing*
rainysoulmiasma: Yeah, me too.
CorsecGreenXWing: healing cock!
rainysoulmiasma: It's so wrong.
CorsecGreenXWing: oh god *will never get over that image*
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CorsecGreenXWing: but yes, Shawn White is squishy and adorable and I want to take him home and just give him a hug for being awesome
CorsecGreenXWing: the way some of the girls were falling, I'm surprised they didn't ALL have concussions
krillia513: we spend a lot of our time wanting to hug squishy people.
CorsecGreenXWing: yes, but most of the DBSK boys, I would then also molest. I JUST want to hug him
CorsecGreenXWing: and, really, what's wrong with wanting to hug adorable, awesome, amazing people?
krillia513: absolutely nothing.
krillia513: I just don't recall ever discussing wanting to do it before you.
krillia513: I'm trying to decide if it's odd or other people just keep their squishing desires locked up inside with their urges to light tablecloths on fire.
CorsecGreenXWing: ooh, fire
krillia513: yes. That place. ;p


Feb. 10th, 2010 08:08 am
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Watching Weather Channel, as I do in the mornings, and one of their reporters is in DC, which is just getting HAMMERED with snow this week, and it's almost whiteout conditions now. So he's climbing this giant pile of snow to show just how giant it is, since the only thing the camera can see is him and everything else is just WHITE, and he says:

"This is mounting up faster than the national debt!"

I think I love him.


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