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So, in scrolling through my icons to pick one for a comment, I realized something. Something that really doesn't surprise me at all.


have basically the same expression.

Although that could be the cold meds talking. Just came home from work sick. It's just a cold, but colds always drain me way more than anything else, brain-wise. So I figure if they're going to be paying me to stare at a wall, it might as well be a wall in my own home. About to go lay down for a nap, but figured I'd waste time on the intarwebz while I ate a bit of lunch.

How've you been, flist?
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from [ profile] theangstmonkey

Comment on this post and let me know you want to participate. I will choose six userpics from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are using them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.

icons go here )

Also, working Big Red Welcome tomorrow. Going to be hot and horrible, but yay overtime? Really going to need it in the coming couple months. About a week and a half till the New Orleans vacation. Janel's uber excited and I want to be excited, but... well... scary. Which it doesn't seem fair of me to be scared when I dragged Janel up here and it's not like she gets to leave in five days after meeting MY family. She's stuck here. But it's still scary. But it'll be time away from work no matter what happens. So yay.

Cosplay is... coming along. Very slowly. So very slowly. Really don't know if we'll finish any of these costumes before November, but it's kind of fun anyway. And I'm making chainmaille. How cool is that? Chainmaille! Me! Making my very own! Out of real links and everything! Also trying to work on my fics for [ profile] hc_bingo but mostly failing so far. We'll see. I'll get at least one bingo if it kills me, but it's frustrating, wanting to write and not finding the time for that and rp and everything else ever and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Man, this is a longer post than I've made in months. Damn. Um... Also watching Protect the Boss. Oh, lord, this show will be the death of me. It's cute and heartbreaking and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah it needs to get subbed faster, fersrs.

Anyway. Flist. What's up with you?
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I have so many better things to be doing, but I like this meme. It's fun. And I get all nostalgic, cause I remember the first time I did it waaaaaaaaay back when I only had six icons. XD Oh, how times have changed. I don't even have some of those icons anymore (which is WEIRD, considering I more than have space for them now) and HAHAHA, some of my answers. Oh what a silly, silly Plague I was then.

But anyway, on to the meme )


Dec. 23rd, 2008 08:07 pm
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Come on. Give me an excuse to fill those extra 150 slots.

ETA: Also, thanks to [ profile] krillia, I have been made aware that this is my 600th lj entry. Whoo!

GIP, yo

Dec. 13th, 2008 05:04 pm
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So, yeah, I don't really have much to say except that Wajas has completely consumed my life, to the point that I am now at least a week behind in all the manga I follow... and don't feel bad about that. Um. Whoops?

But yeah, mostly this is a GIP, because [ profile] rosaleendhu made me this lovely icon from the interest icons meme, and managed to get, like, a dozen or so of my interests in there. Now, granted, considering most of those interests are the boys themselves and the interest 'pretty Asian boys', that's probably not surprising. However, she managed to combine those interests with Shakespeare. Which is why I love having geeky friends. Everything can come back to Shakespeare. I asked her if she'd intentionally gone for a pic of the boys doing one of their love songs and she said it was just dumb luck. So even more win. \o/


Oct. 19th, 2008 12:26 am
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Thanks to the amazing [ profile] continuum, iconmaker extraordinaire~, I now have a shinyshiny Jaejoong icon (plus three more that were also shinyshiny but this one made me squiggle muchly so it got a post all for itself).

I am such a lucky fangirl. :D
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Because [ profile] tiassa is awesome and loves me.
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Hey! Do y'all remember this meme? How about this one? No? Ha, well, too bad. Cause guess what! You're finally getting the stuff from them! WHOO! Except for the drabbles which still haven't gotten done and probably won't, whoops

Lesse, there's stuff for [ profile] author_kun, [ profile] rhosyn_du, [ profile] rosaleendhu, [ profile] youko_astarael, [ profile] planetgal471, [ profile] viridian5, [ profile] teena_chan, and [ profile] disco_kali.

Many pics lie behind this cut, yessssss )
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I feel kinda weird doing this with only six icons(although many MANY more live on my harddrive), but eh, everyone else is jumping off bridges doing it, so I might as well, too. ;D icon meme )

In other news, the Curse of Birthday Illness has not failed me this year. For the uninformed, I am consistently sick either on or near my birthday each year. Makes me REAAAAAAALLY look forward to them. /sarcasm Anyway, this year was no exception. Came down with what feels like the flu. Yesterday was icky, hope today will be better. Can't afford to miss classes or anything. Figures this would happen the week of my concert, which means we have THREE rehearsals (well, two and the concert) this week instead of just one. Yay for no sleep or time to recover. Ah well, usually I get a really bad cold.. at least the Curse is getting creative...
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Okay, some explanations, I suppose. First, I spent WAY too much time on the animated one. Sheesh. I have no idea how people have enough patience to spend weeks and months on amvs when I get anxious after a couple hours on an icon.

Um, technicolor is pretty self-explanatory. The llamas... yeah... that comes from a question on my psych test last week. The teacher just wanted to give us free points, so the last question on the test was: 50. Llamas? A. Yes (just put A)... But one should always say YES to llamas anyway. I'll be here: FMA pics, FF8 opening... they just fit. Hello Kitty. Yeah, that's just what I think every time I see that ep. The lion-alligator thing (which is soooooo totally an iquion. :D) shows up and I'm like "hello, kitty." God is my facebook friend: something [ profile] youko_astarael said to me today... and that's just freakin' hilarious. She was talking about how everybody and their dog has friended her now. So yeah, God apparently has a facebook account. XD Sexy!ed is also for [ profile] youko_astarael cause that's her fav scene ever I suppose. It's paying her back for my SPARKLY icon, which made me sparkly, yay.

That is all. You may continue with your lives.
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Image hosted by

Okay, so... my first animated icon... what think you?

Came from a most interesting convo, too.


Oct. 17th, 2005 12:37 am
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Okay, yeah, been doing more icon-ing than homework. But I did get some stuff done today... er... yesterday. Anyway, got a plan, no worries. Soooooo... new icons ;D
Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

Yeah, kinda enjoying Saiyuki right now. I gotta get my money's worth out of those DVDs somehow, right?

In other news, kinda lonely up here. I think I may actually be the only person on the floor now. I haven't seen anyone else since yesterday evening... And that just sounded kinda scary. Well, if the zombies get me, you all know why... sigh. Seriously, though, kinda getting depressing. I hadn't realized I was this attached to having people around.... I think this is the first time I haven't left over fall break, but I know I REALLY wouldn't have gotten anything done if I had, so...

Point being... okay, peoples, depressed and lonely here. I need a hug. *puppy-dog eyes* Or just some acknowledgement... *cricket chirp* Anyone out there?
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So, yeah, figured out how to make icons. The ducks was the first icon I made, yay me. It's cute and all, but then, since own all kinds of dvds and stuff, I've been messing around and finally figured out how to take screencaps! YAY! So the spider one is coo, as well. Of course, then I decided that you all just had to see these as well, which meant I had to make a photobucket account and blahblahblah... until, here, now you can see my icons. More madness shall ensue as soon as I find this one scene I wanted from Saiyuki... *wanders off calling "Here, Hakkai.. here boy"*

Image hosted by  Image hosted by

Edit: two more! I'm just trying to teach myself a program. I'll look back and despise these in a couple months. But for now: yay! ;D

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