Mar. 18th, 2012 07:27 pm
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Okay, so before, I was kind of indifferent to FF13-2 with a sliiiiiiight leaning toward 'hey, this isn't all bad.'

No. I hate it now. Hate. Hate Hate Hate FIRE OF A MILLION SUNS HATE!

Augh, I'm so full of rage, I can't even properly communicate WHY I hate it. For some fucking reason, they decided it'd be a GREAT idea to pop in a level of platforming. For no fucking reason. I DON'T LIKE PLAYING PLATFORMERS OR I WOULDN'T HAVE BOUGHT FUCKING FF13-2, NOW WOULD I????????? I'd have bought a fucking PLATFORMER and not WASTED MY MONEY ON A FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT GAME!

I can't fucking figure out how to get where I'm fucking going, and I keep falling off the fucking platforms and dying or running into fucking monsters that I can't beat even though I'm withing ten levels of maxing out all of my roles. I'm so fucking pissed off right now.

Fine, game. You win. You fucking win. I'm about to fucking rage-quit your ass, and it's because you're a fucking shitty platformer AND a fucking shitty RPG. There. Happy now, you worthless piece of crap?
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Serah, previously renamed Derpface, has now been re-renamed 'Derpy Spice.' It just fits.

I think it's the outfit.
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I have no idea what the context was (as sadly happens with most of these things) but my director just referenced Pedobear. He is truly of the interwebs. He is one of us.

And now, unrelated to Pedobear (no matter how Serah's default outfit makes me feel), my current thoughts on FF13-2 )
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So, I was trying to be good and finish all the trophies in FFXIII before I moved on to XIII-2 but... well, all I have left is two hunt quests and leveling up final weapons whiiiiiiiiiiiich means trapezohedrons, which means fighting way too many adamantoises which means I got bored so I started XIII-2 last night. Hopefully I'll go back to XIII at some point, because I'm THIS CLOSE to completing everything in the game, and it's a shame that the only thing stopping me is lousy drop rates.


FFXIII-2 talk behind a cut. Not really any spoilers (at least, not story spoilers) since I'm only a couple hours in, but in case anyone wants to avoid knowing ANYTHING before they play it. )

TL;DR- Opinion so far that I hope I change in the next chapter: Unless you're a loyal, buy every game ever FF fan... just wait for the Let's Play.


Jan. 11th, 2011 09:14 pm
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Just over two hours into this game, and I already have an OTP.

They're both NPCs.


...Somehow, I think I might be doing this wrong.
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Okay, this is TOTALLY an appropriate game for Halloween. Pandemic II. Your mission is to create a disease that will wipe out humanity including fucking Madagascar.

The closest I'd come before was when I started in Madagascar and got to everyone but Greenland. Stupid Greenland and their stupid islandness. Grr.

But this time, oh, this time... I did it! Yes! Complete devastation! And it only took me 81 game days~ And so maybe the game glitched and that was the only reason I got to Madagascar but I don't care

Krill, I find the fact that I had decided to name my virus 'Jaejoong' this time around to be appropriate and amusing.
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I have so much hate for Okami right now. I want that final stray bead, but I don't want to have to fight five hours of pointless battles to get to it. Stupid devil gates. I just shut off the game halfway through the Kamui one. It was that or throw my controller through my window. Granted, I haven't been playing straight through, but I started at 2. That's six hours down the drain because the stupid game is SO FRUSTRATING. *hates*

I continue to admit that Okami is pretty, but I really don't see what else people see in it.
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I never thought I'd find a game with minigames that I loathed more than Xenosaga, but congratulations, Okami, you have managed it. -__________________________-#

ETA: I think 'Labyrinth of Torment' is the most appropriate name for a minigame ever. Because it is.
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This is seriously awesome. Geeks using their powers for good!

Translation: A bunch of gamers are speed marathoning all the FF games to raise money for charity. Seriously, go check it out, if only because they're at the beginning of a week-long marathon and hilarity is sure to ensue.
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OMG. Rockband? Totally funnest game ever. Yes. Yes, it is. I thought it was all hype, but having spent the last few hours rocking out with my new band (aka my nephew and brother), I bow to its awesomocity.
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I've just started Okami. It's one of the games I got as Christmas presents. (My brother and I went cheap game shopping. Got a whole bunch, whoo.) It's not a bad game, although I'm a bit confused about some things that are way different from the usual rpgs I play. Think I'm gonna like it, though.

I know a bunch of my flist has played the game. Any tips?
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Okay, I totally got three mentions on that [livejournal.com profile] rp_anon_meme and I never would've known if DK hadn't told me our cast was mentioned. And they were all good, too! Anonymous praise continues to be very surreal.

And whichever of you [livejournal.com profile] damned muns mentioned me by name, I'm all wibbly now. *wibbles!*
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Think I hate Luxord even more than Demyx. -______-#
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#3 sorta-kinda-really made my day. It's just... eeeeeee, we were loved. ^_^
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I should really not play video games anymore. I just shouldn't. At all. I can't even beat the frakking TRAINING LEVEL in Battlefronts. I'm so mad I'm shaking. Literally shaking. This is how I always get when I get stuck on a game, and it sucks, and then I HATE THEM for a really long time, and I'm too pissed to do anything but think about how frustrated I am with that game. This is when I start kind of wishing I was the sort to go out and stab people because I think that might make me feel better.
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You know, 20-some hours in, and I've realized something: every shot of Lulu starts at her breasts.

I am thinking this is not a coincidence.
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No. Just can't do it. No jokes this time. Shiva is, and always will be, Shiva.

Cause hot DAMN, that's some guh right there.

...I need a Shiva icon.
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You start to wonder whether, on the Thunder Plains, Kimahri starts to get that wet dog smell.
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Renaming Ixion 'Snookums' is also right out.
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You're playing FFX and get the sudden urge to rename Ifrit 'Fluffy.'



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