Aug. 11th, 2006 02:18 pm
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Finally, I manage to prove that I am (supposedly) smarter than the LJ user interface. In the course of messing around with the customization page, I finally figured out how to turn off the custom comments pages. Now, don't get me wrong, they were kinda nifty, and they didn't screw things up too much on this journal, but some of my rp journals were getting horribly messed up by the custom comments pages. So those're gone.

Also, for those of you who hate the nav bar with a vengeance (although I don't see why, cause it's kinda handy) you can customize its colors now. I know it not matching your layout was a big reason for some of you to hate it, so there you go. I'm not messing with mine yet, but I might eventually.

In other news- I was tutoring a fellow student for my biopsych class before the final this last week, and she offered to send me an email to tell me how she did (since class will be over and I won't talk to her again otherwise). She's a nun from some other country (don't ask me why she's in Nowhere, Midwest, USA going to college) and since English wasn't her first language, she needed help on the language as much as anything else. (Keep the nun part in mind, it will become important later.) So, I write my real name and email address for her. Now, my real name ends in an i, which often leads people to think it's a nickname or something. I hate people for that, but there ya go. Anyway, so she asks me what my REAL name is, and I tell her that it is my real name, and that was the end of that.

.....but I was about two seconds from telling her to call me Plague. Is telling a nun to call you one of the Four Riders really THAT much of a sin? She did say she'd pray for me, though.... which makes me wonder if that'll make her rosary beads catch on fire. A devout person, I am not.

FotA? You see what I do for you?
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Got an email about a new honors seminar for this fall. It is titled "Epidemics, Famines, and Bioterrorism."

I really shouldn't be laughing this hard.


Feb. 12th, 2006 05:55 pm
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[ profile] krillia and I would just like the world to know that we are, indeed, most l33t.

We were just talking when we discovered that \/\/3 83 1337 )
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I'm bored. Somebody entertain me! *pouts*

Seriously, I shouldn't be bored, yet. Breaks only just started, I have two new video games (one of which I'm currently trying NOT to throw through a window- CURSE YOU RADIATA STORIES AND YOUR LACK OF STORY!!!), and a bag full of books which I should REALLY start reading eventually. Not to mention the muses have all come out of the woodwork, including a couple I haven't talked to in AGES (and one I didn't HAVE until this weekend- y hat ani?), and they're all demanding stories. It's like it's already Christmas, cept with muses instead of family. ph34r t3h boredom post... PH34RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Anyway, not much is going on, hence why I'm bored. The nephew had his Christmas program for church on Sunday. The singing was cute-ish, but I think I'm getting a little Christmas Pageant-ed out. I go for the singing and then there's talking and I'm like, "wha? talking? where's the singing?!" So yeah, nephew was cute/wonderful/etc... coulda lived without the rest of the program. Other than that, I've pretty much been sitting around the house, burning cds for the sis, playing video games (CURSE YOU RADIATA STORIES) and making a general couch potato of myself.

Boots, Figaro, and Fordon- Tad says hi. ;D
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Since I'm living off other people's internet for the next three weeks, I must make these posts whenever I have a moment. For instance, right now, I'm at my aunt's for my bro-in-law's b-day party. whoo! *whippin' glowsticks* hee, or not. Actually, they're watching the DVD from the UNL choir Choral Garland concert *is embarrassed*. Nothing says family like sitting around watching yourself on TV. snerk.

Anyway, had the BEST experience at Village Inn (FEEL the sarcasm). First, we get in there and sit down, yay... until the waitress brings out our drinks and promptly dumps a glass of ice water down my sister's back. I'm still reserving judgement at this point... until she does it to my nephew, too. This woman is a COMPLETE CLUTZ AND IDIOT! Couldn't have been more inept if she'd been TRYING. Now, I'm usually pretty sympathetic to people in service jobs like waitressing and whatnot, but... seriously, this was BAD. BAAAAAAAAAAD. We're suffering through it, I'm trying to give her the benefit of the doubt... until it took almost an hour for us to get our food. She didn't turn in the tickets or something. Finally, another waitress (who we later found out was off duty by this time, AND on her final day of work before starting maternity leave. God BLESS this woman) started taking care of our table, after we got our food and it was cold, and I didn't get MY food at all, I got something I didn't even order. Ended up getting the meal at half price, my bro-in-law got a free piece of pie for his b-day, which VI doesn't do anymore, AND we got a free pie to take home. All-in-all... not such a bad deal. Even if it was frustrating as hell.

On a happier note, Ani stayed over last night. It was a slumber party. XD We did all kinds of fun stuff- watched FMA, Ani got hijacked by my nephew to play Sonic, Ani gave me Pride.. who's still in my head (curse you). Yay and stuff.

Will attempt to update again when I get a chance. Hey, FotA, how's it going in the wide world? The Manifesto is progressing nicely >D *evil* Well, into the wilds of break, we go. Catch ya'll on the flip side.
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Boots, Tad, Figaro, and Fordon. The four Kitties of the Apocalypse. ph34r.

Hee, I'm happy that my Christmas gifts to the FotA went over well. All the kitties have finally been named, leaving us with Death's Boots, the yellow tabby; Plague's Tad, the siamese; Famine's Figaro, a black tuxedo; and War's Fordon, a calico. They're as close as I could get to the colors of the horses without spray painting the kitties. So go me.

Studying is killing my brain. Monday, that is tomorrow, should be pud, along with Thursday and Friday. Wednesday I am apprehensive about and I'm reserving judgement on Tuesday until I get there. There shall be some fun had, lots of stress, and eventually sleep and a dearth of computerage for about a month. The lack of internet (well.. it's dialup) might put a hamper in my plans just a bit. Hmm... must consider this problem carefully indeed... *ponders*
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Went a-gifting and I have returned successful from the hunt.

Now here's hoping that krill, jen, and ani like what I got. *nervous/anxious for Friday* yeah... you guys better all be at anime club or I'm keeping your presents.
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First off, if you like Hughes and Roy AT ALL go watch this!!!!!!!!!!

Secondly, the long awaited con summary... okay, well, I'm trying to avoid homework so right now I don't care if you wanna read this or not, I'm typing it up. ;P so there.

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

rumors )

So yeah, the weekend was full of way more fangirling than is probably healthy by any means, but it was what I needed to break me out of my mid-semester slump. Even made up a new song (sung to the tune of "I like swords".. if you don't know that, just make up your own tune)

I like bishies
I really like bishies
I like bishies
I really do.
I like bishies
I really like bishies
Hey, I'm a fangirl
I like bishies.

My comp is now sparkly, I am happy, and I have lots of new pretties. So yay and stuff. Off to do homework. bleh.

And I'm the first to post the con report on my f-list. Yay me, I win.

Edit: fine, Ani wins. She posted first... but mine is still cooler, more complete, and... more... yeah. I win too.
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36 fucking years. That's how long it's been since the Huskers last lost a homecoming game. 36 YEARS. And we lose to Texas Tech, which means not only am I now completely disgusted by my own football team (and where the fuck were the Blackshirts' heads tonight? I'm sure I could think of a couple places, but I'd like to know) I'm also gonna catch from my friend who happens to be a rabid Raiders fan. Oh lucky me. Thanks a lot Cala-clod for totally screwing up my existence on so many levels. And I don't even like football.

On the FMA front, football is also screwing up my watching of FMA because people apparently like watching football on the big tv in the lounge at 10:30 at night. I hate football season.

Oh, last night was fun. Sat outside in the middle of a sidewalk for two hours last night, not realizing, having too much fun talking to some people from anime club. So we finally realize that we're all freezing solid and maybe should move inside ;) (I know, big revelation there considering it was like 30 degrees out). So I ask what time it is, figuring maybe 11 cause we'd gone out there at like 10:15 or something. It's 10 after midnight! OMFG! Then we ended up talking till 4 in the morning anyway. Ani and I discovered that McDonald's starts serving breakfast around 4:30. That made me sad, I wanted fries. Oh well. Pancakes were good, too. So I got about five hours of sleep last night. yay.

In other news, if we dress up like a Greek god for myth class on Halloween, we don't have to do the midterm essay. So... yeah, I'm gonna go as Athena, I think, cause she has the most clothes. Maybe I'll get a spear, too. >|}


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