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So I just narked on my nephew. Narced? Narc'd? Whatever.

He's fifteen, you know how it is. He posted his class schedule on his facebook with his full name, address, and phone number. So I texted my sister about it, cause let's face it, fifteen year olds aren't the best judges of who and what should be on their facebooks. She calls and in the background, I can hear him all 'YOU'RE CRAZY!' cause she wants him to take it down.

I don't know, intarwebz. Am I outdated? Is it okay for teens to post all those details just everywhere? Do people not think facebook is as secure as swiss cheese anymore?

I told her I could walk them through cropping the photo to get rid of the personal stuff if she wanted, but we'll see. She hung up threatening to ground him or delete his facebook. Oops?
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Because I'm a dork, and everything's better in threes~ To complete my trifecta of posts:

I love you, [personal profile] thousandneedles! Always and forever and more than all the Universe-carrying Alots combined.

Two years isn't nearly enough but it's a good start. Here's to a happy anniversary (and no packing today? please? ;_; we could even break the schedule since it's a special day?) and manymany more. Alot of Anniversaries! He's probably got a dayplanner or something.
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Merry Christmas, bitches! And a Happy Saturday or Holiday of your choice to those who don't celebrate.

[ profile] krillia gave me Star Wars for Christmas! XD Well, sort of. She got me this really awesome Sounds of Star Wars book that I'd been lusting over while she was here, and Star Wars Lego set! With a Wampa! And now I'll have two Lego snowspeeders, so I just need to get a Lego AT-AT and I can stage EPIC HOTH BATTLES!!!

*ahem* About to head over to my sister's for Christmas morning festivities, including but not limited to watching the first Sherlock Holmes movie as a family so we can all go see the new one. It's kind of funny, whenever my family likes the same things I do. Or, maybe not 'funny' so much as unexpected.

Last night was the biiiiiiiiiiiig extended family Christmas at my aunt's house. Fewer people showed up than usual, which was kind of sad, but expected. Mom was really the one who held our family together half the time. Sometimes I think they only came to see her. But my favorite cousin was there and my two favorite uncles (my mom had six brothers and sisters, five of whom are still alive, one of which never comes to anything although he sent me a Christmas card which was WEIRD cause it was to "Joni and Friend" and how the HELL did he find out about Janel? Not that I'm upset about that, just really confused... and this parenthetical ran away from me) so I was pretty happy with who was there.

Happiest part was [profile] transitorial getting along with everyone so amazingly well. My grandma adores her (more than she likes me sometimes, I think XD) and she and my favorite cousin and I talked practically all night like this wasn't the first Christmas she'd come to at all. And my Uncle Ron included her in his traditional scratch lottery ticket Christmas gifting. XD

I won $15! She didn't win anything.

BEST part of the night, though! My favorite cousin has a kid, Cece, kind of adorable now that she's old enough to have grown a bit out of that 'I'm always right and you're not my dad' mentality. Anyway, Janel and I were just chilling and Cece comes to sit in the living room near us cause that family was getting ready to head out, and she looks at Janel and me and asks "Are you guys roommates?"

Which, looking back, is an honest question. She hadn't been introduced to Janel and Janel HAD just kind of randomly showed up at Christmas from her point of view. But it set Janel and I giggling. Think the answer we came up with was 'sort of' or something like that. She gives us this kind of dubious face, so I go ahead and elaborate. She's like 8 or 9, so it's not like she's never heard of gay people before, probably. "She's my fiancee" I tell her. "What's that mean?" I get back.

Again, probably an honest question. How many of you knew what a 'fiancee' was when you were 8? And then to hear it applied in a non-standard situation? Still so many giggles. "We're going to get married." I finally say.

You guys, I cannot even DESCRIBE the face she made. It was so hilarious. It was like a combination of o.O and D: but not really with a "ZOMG EW!" vibe, just in an 'asking a Borg to solve an unsolvable computer problem' way.

So we told her to go ask her dad.

*giggles* Merry Christmas, favorite cousin!
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Today, I got advice on getting a house with my girlfriend from my grandma.

My life is awesome.

(Oh, LJ, it's been a while. I have so many THINGS to tell you, and so many pictures to share, but right now, my life belongs to these godforsaken costumes and it must stay that way until November. But then! Then, I shall shaaaaaaaaaaaaare.)
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Happy Birthday, Mom.

I miss you.
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Heaven's Postman made me cry, but not the ending.

Cut for tiny spoilers, just in case any of you haven't seen it yet but are going to. )

Otherwise this weekend, I've been mostly watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Aaaaaaaaaaah, Yoochunnie, so wonderful. Even if Yeorim is my favorite character by quite a bit. XD

...And even if I SHOULD be working on my [ profile] nuna_fanworks exchange fic instead of watching Kdramas all weekend. >.>;;;;;;;;

And how about a little angst to round out the post. )

Sorry. I guess maybe watching a movie about a guy who takes letters to heaven from people who lost their loved ones wasn't the best idea right now. In retrospect.
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She's gone.

Post from mobile portal
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We knew it was coming, but that doesn't make this any easier.

Post from mobile portal
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You know... I keep meaning to post here. About awesome stuff, like my mom being the coolest mom ever (she's decided to donate her body to science since the cancer means she can't be an organ donor which was her first choice) or how much fun seeing Yo Yo Ma in concert was (amazing amounts of fun. He's so adorable) or how much fun any of the OTHER awesome concerts I've gone to this year have been (in order- Shaolin Monks = holy fucking shit wow; Avenue Q = fun; Second City = I laughed way too hard and the concert lasted an extra hour because the players were having too much fun doing improv games [it was one of the member's last night with the show, so they were playing games with her. The stage manager for the show eventually just turned the stage lights off. seriously]; and Stomp = three brooms and a stick gave their lives for this performance) but... well, I failed.

So what DOES get me to post?

A meme, of course. -_____________-

Leave a comment and I'll give you three fandoms about which you are to answer the following questions.

[ profile] krillia gave me DBSK (...duh), Weiss Kreuz, and Katekyo Hitman REBORN!

questions go here, yo )
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Happy Belated Birthday, Nan!
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My nephew, while discussing the evil camera in Kingdom Hearts:

"I wonder if the camera's a boss? It's not on your side."
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I hate Hakox. It's the stupidest fucking minigame I have ever been forced to play. Yes, that is including whatever that game was in FF9. Grawr, we haaaates it, Precious. Haaaaaaaaates. *grumbles* Why can't all games just have variations of Blitzball and/or Triple Triad? I LIKED those.

Oh, and as I have been informed, it's apparently Grandparents' Day. I honestly don't understand why people insist on making a huge deal out of Hallmark holidays, and why only some of them? Why not Secretary's Day? Or any of the other bazillion stupid days Hallmark uses to sell cards/calendars/whatever? Eh. Anyway, happy G-day, Nan and Bill. Oh! And thanks for the bread. It is yummy.
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I am sad. I got my sister a subscription to USA Today for her birthday back in April, and they've apparently been screwing up her deliveries, so she canceled it today. Not that I can't use the money they'll (supposedly) be refunding, but... Birthday gifts aren't sposed to mess up. *sad*
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Figures the day I stay up till 4am is the day I also forget that I need to be up early to eat lunch with the family. Ah well.

It was sort of worth it, though. Regis and Kelly had both Def Leppard AND a dinosaur! :D One from this arena show. The show is on tour, and I wanna seeeeeeeeeee iiiiiiiiiit.
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I got the card today, [ profile] yuuo and [ profile] zannechaos. Warm fuzzies, thankee.

Anyway, the point of this post is that FF12 is eating my life. I got it for Christmas, but I didn't get to start playing it till yesterday because for some reason it refuses to play nice with my controller which works perfectly fine on all my other games, just not FF12. The Triangle and Select buttons don't register. I have no idea why. Since they get you to the map screen and the menu, I kinda couldn't play without them. Anyway, switched to my nephew's controller last night and it worked fine. Go figure. Six hours in now, loving the pretty, enjoying watching the battles, and it's eating my life.

I am also highly enjoying the cookies my grandma made me for Christmas. You should all be quite jealous. They are that good. That is all.
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Well, my mom's back in the hospital. Dehydration and a low blood count... again. Not sure what to think. Talked to her yesterday on the phone, and it was obvious something was wrong. They'll be contacting her doctor tomorrow.

It's.. somehow ironic or just a very cruel joke by the universe that I posted about her getting better just yesterday.
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I should totally be doing homework, but....

1.Fic dump and icon dump over on [ profile] envious_muses including (but not limited to) FMA, Diabolo, Saiyuki. Go read, comment, enjoy the fruits of my labor, such as they are...... Ah, who'm I kidding? I'm a comments whore. Feed my addiction.

2. I never got around to posting about this when it happened, but my mom is finally out of the hospital. The docs are apparently surprised by how well she's recovering for someone who had the treatment she did. She's really tired and worn out all the time, but I think she's getting better. Thank you to all those people who kept her in their thoughts or lit a candle for her or anything. She means the world to a lot of people.

3. Finally, because I'm not procrastinating enough, apparently- I'm doing the interest icon challenge. Comment here and I'll choose one of your interests to make an icon out of. You get no say in which interest, and I don't guarrantee quality.

... and sure, why the heck not, I'll add in a drabble to go along with the icon. So comment with a character/pairing and I'll make you an icon and a drabble. I'm booooooored, folks.
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Haven't mentioned this much lately, least not on LJ. For those who may or may not have been around middle of April this year, my mom was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma which is a cancer of the plasma cells. Her kidneys had failed because of it, so they put off treating the cancer directly until her body was taking care of itself better. Today marks one week for her without any dialysis.

Tomorrow she goes in for chemotherapy, after which she'll be checked into the hospital for three weeks. Tuesday they'll be giving her a stem cell transplant, and they say that's when she'll really start getting sick, most likely. She's going to be really susceptible to illness for a few months now, so we have to be careful when we see her that she doesn't get sick, because her immune system will be severely compromised. My aunt got her a wig for when she loses her hair, but Mom doesn't think she'll need it because she thinks it'll be weird to not have hair one day and have it the next. She says people are going to notice either way, so why bother?

Talked to her for a while today on the phone. She sounds good, even if the shot they've been giving her to hopefully ward off the sores in the mucus membranes that a lot of people with this type of cancer get after chemo is making her ankles swell. She says she's watched more TV over the last couple of days than she has over the last year. I don't doubt it. She's never enjoyed just sitting around when she could be getting things done.

I could go on and on with stories about my mom. She is the best, nicest, most giving and loving and caring person I have ever (and probably WILL ever) meet. Course, then I'd end up flooding your flists and that just wouldn't be nice, now would it?

So, flist, if you have a few extra minutes tomorrow or today, or during the next few weeks, any prayers or good thoughts would always be appreciated.
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Spent the last couple days back on the farm (yes, it's as hick-like as it sounds) with the parents. Mom was obsessing about my car again, promised to drop the subject completely if I'd just let her mechanic look at it one more time... so I did. Scary thing is, he just might have fixed it this time. *knock on wood* Only been having this problem for the past year and a half, despite taking it to multiple mechanics, but meh, if this works and is an actual solution? I will never doubt my mother's advice again. At least not on this kind of stuff.

So I spent Sunday and Monday there, headed back here earlier today cause she had dialysis to go to. She starts the stem-cell harvesting next week... I think my seeing her is helping me be less worried. Still, any prayers or thoughts you'd want to direct her way over the next few weeks, flist, would be much appreciated. This thing isn't beaten yet. I was actually enjoying staying there, but I move back to the dorms on Thursday, so I couldn't very well extend my stay. Leaving hurt, really hurt, like I hadn't just gone back for a visit but was leaving for the first time all over again. At the same time.. it was my room, but not. I hadn't stayed in it for over a year, and.. well, it's just not my home anymore, much as I might like it to be, you know? Ah well. Spose it's true, what they say. You really can't go home again.
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My sis sent me this email today.

I have to tell you so I don't forget - I went thru Starbucks drive-thru this morning and ordered my tall black mild coffee as usual. I noticed the lady ahead of me didn't accept her change which was $2 and some change.....I thought, wow! she is leaving a huge tip. When I got to the window she handed me my coffee and said, "The lady ahead of you did a kind deed and paid for your coffee."
There were about 3 employees watching through the little window as she told me this. I was shocked, I hadn't even a clue she would have been doing that! I said, "You're kidding! Thank you! I'll do this for someone next time." Then I went to put my coffee in the holder and promptly spilled it all over the tray.....oh well. I am smiling every time I think of that lady...the coffee tastes that much better. I can't wait to 'pay if forward' next time.
I was going to wave at her, but by the time I got to the street, she was gone.......

So.. yeah, this stuff DOES actually happen in real life and not just in movies and tv shows. Yay nice people that almost manage to reaffirm what little faith I have in humanity.
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