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Went to see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey this afternoon. It was a highly enjoyable movie. It wasn't Lord of the Rings, but you could tell just as much work and devotion went into this as the first trilogy.

But I gotta say, in my tiny, shrunken, fangirl heart? The thing I loved most?

Kili and Fili.

I cannot tell a lie. Those two are mighty easy on the eyes, yes, they are. I mean, I loved Aiden Turner before he got dwarfized, but the archer thing? And the artistically mussed hair? Oh yeah. (Okay, and the part where they totally actually seemed to care about Bilbo the entire time unlike Thorin I'manass over there? That part was cool, too.)

Overall very pleased. We'll see where they take this in the next movie.

I want fic now, though. Can haz fic nao?
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from [ profile] theangstmonkey

Comment on this post and let me know you want to participate. I will choose six userpics from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are using them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.

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Also, working Big Red Welcome tomorrow. Going to be hot and horrible, but yay overtime? Really going to need it in the coming couple months. About a week and a half till the New Orleans vacation. Janel's uber excited and I want to be excited, but... well... scary. Which it doesn't seem fair of me to be scared when I dragged Janel up here and it's not like she gets to leave in five days after meeting MY family. She's stuck here. But it's still scary. But it'll be time away from work no matter what happens. So yay.

Cosplay is... coming along. Very slowly. So very slowly. Really don't know if we'll finish any of these costumes before November, but it's kind of fun anyway. And I'm making chainmaille. How cool is that? Chainmaille! Me! Making my very own! Out of real links and everything! Also trying to work on my fics for [ profile] hc_bingo but mostly failing so far. We'll see. I'll get at least one bingo if it kills me, but it's frustrating, wanting to write and not finding the time for that and rp and everything else ever and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Man, this is a longer post than I've made in months. Damn. Um... Also watching Protect the Boss. Oh, lord, this show will be the death of me. It's cute and heartbreaking and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah it needs to get subbed faster, fersrs.

Anyway. Flist. What's up with you?
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Guys. Guys, Captain America made me cry. I don't even read comic books, guys. This isn't fair. Make my heart stop hurting.

...Stupid, amazing movie.

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...Fergus... @~@ *wibbles forever*

This wibble has been brought to you by the letter S and marathoning Takin' Over the Asylum.
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I just... I... I don't even...

Sunanare 4. I... I... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh. Even this icon is not angsty enough for that episode.

I even felt really fucking bad for the psycho bitch.

And then the preview for 5. I understand the flailing a tiny bit now, Krill. @_______________@

Oh god, this show hurts me. Kitagawa-san, I love you so.
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Okay, so I figured out why I find the new SuJu mv so hilarious.

It's totally Bollywood.

Seriously. Watch it again. Two or three times, if you really want a laugh.

And the best part is, that I'm not the only one who thinks so. )
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My sister's birthday was yesterday, so to celebrate, we went to Clash of the Titans, since the original was one of her favorite movies when she was young.

Warning: This rant was made in a factory that also processes spoilers. May contain spoilers. )

In short: Go see it if you know nothing whatsoever about Greek mythology. Otherwise, it might not be worth the flailing.
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You know... I keep meaning to post here. About awesome stuff, like my mom being the coolest mom ever (she's decided to donate her body to science since the cancer means she can't be an organ donor which was her first choice) or how much fun seeing Yo Yo Ma in concert was (amazing amounts of fun. He's so adorable) or how much fun any of the OTHER awesome concerts I've gone to this year have been (in order- Shaolin Monks = holy fucking shit wow; Avenue Q = fun; Second City = I laughed way too hard and the concert lasted an extra hour because the players were having too much fun doing improv games [it was one of the member's last night with the show, so they were playing games with her. The stage manager for the show eventually just turned the stage lights off. seriously]; and Stomp = three brooms and a stick gave their lives for this performance) but... well, I failed.

So what DOES get me to post?

A meme, of course. -_____________-

Leave a comment and I'll give you three fandoms about which you are to answer the following questions.

[ profile] krillia gave me DBSK (...duh), Weiss Kreuz, and Katekyo Hitman REBORN!

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Yeah, the title has nothing to do with this post, I just do. For like a week now. Anyway.

Just got home from the Shaolin monks at the Lied. It was as awesome as expected. They had incense burning at the front corners of the stage and it was strong enough that you could smell it from the lobby. There were two kids, probably my nephew's age or younger, in the group, so I asked my nephew (went with him and my sis) if he'd want to do that, and he didn't even need to think about it before saying no. XD He seemed very concerned about whether the monks had friends or got to do anything 'fun' when they weren't performing.

They showed off a bunch of the different schools of fighting and all the major weapons (even if the weapons had really fake blades. I know they're theatrical and make a loud noise, but mrr) and I have decided that I really love monkey style. It's just fun to watch. They had a big production for drunken monk style, too, with these huge fake jugs. XD And one of the monks had Gojyo's weapon which made me giggle a bit. Looked just like it, too, with the crescent rear blade and spade-shaped front. Chain whips remain my favorite weapon to watch, though.

One of the monks had a big bushy beard. He was one of the main ones or something, cause he did a lot of solo stuff. Oh! And then, while they were changing the scenery, they'd have little scenes in front of the curtain. The first major change, they pulled up aaaaaaaaaall the little kids out of the audience who wanted to come and taught them a basic kata. Well, as much as you can 'teach' that in about ten minutes. It was hilarious. But then, during the next one, they pulled two adult guys up and tried to teach them a basic sparring exchange, and I think the guys were even worse at following the instructions than the kids had been. Oh my god. Like, one of the two kept forgetting which of the monks he was supposed to be shadowing, and at one point, he and the other guy accidentally punched each other because he forgot to duck instead of punch!

Oh, it was so much fun. I hope I get a chance to go to a Shaolin performance again, because that was such a great way to spend two hours.
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O.M.G. This is so adorable. Heechul watched Captain Planet. XD I think I love him even more.
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Dude. China, you rock. Best Olympic opening ceremony ever. A++ effort. Would view again.
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Dammit, Krill. Now I'm crying. I hate you.
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Saw Dark Knight last night. It is indeed everything people say it is. A little on the long side but very good. And let me just say that it is rare for a character to make me completely forget who's playing him (not always overwhelmingly like Tom Cruise's roles, but it's usually there), and Heath's Joker did that. That was the Joker, not Heath Ledger playing the Joker.

Man, that movie was good.
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Finally got around to watching Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Heeeee, oh it was good. Supposedly there's gonna be a DVD release at some point, and then that puppy will be MINE. >D
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Went to see Indiana Jones and the.... whatever the rest of the title is. It's a long title. It always reminds me of the Crystal Skull episode of StarGate. But that's not the point. The POINT is that I totally get the mixed reviews now.

Why, you ask? )

In other news, I randomly started reading +Anima today. It's kinda cute. Husky amuses me. I wanna be a +Anima.

ETA: OMG, Senri is adorable. I want to hug him.
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EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~ BEST. CARAMELLDANSEN VID. EVER~ XDDD Kriiiiiiiiiiill~ You must watch~ I can't stop squigglying, it was so fun~~~~
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Because kitties are cute. I do kinda want to know what keeps them coming back, though.
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Okay, you know those disclaimers before some shows that are all 'this show contains images that may be disturbing for some viewers' or whatever? Well, I just saw the best one ever.

Warning: This show contains content that may be disturbing for some viewers. That's why we call it "Raw Nature" and not "Sleepytime Nature" or "Things That Are Boring About Nature."
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So fun. Really. Just fun. I like the longer version, too, but Adam setting Jaime's arm on fire is really the best part. XD
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Why do people in horror movies always go around exploring dark houses for monsters without turning the lights on? Honestly, people, even if you DON"T think there's a monster (and no one ever does in these movies until it's too late), wouldn't it just makes SENSE to turn on a light so you could, I dunno, SEE STUFF?


ETA: And since when do rooms in psych wards lock from the inside? Or rooms in hospitals in general?
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