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Grades are finally up! I did it! I pulled a 4.0 semester, even though I was SURE I was gonna get a B in one class, but I DIDN"T. Don't know WHY, but I DIDN"T! Means I graduated with a 3.9. I know it doesn't really matter anymore, but... *will just be over here happy dancing*
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As [ profile] youko_astarael already said damn her we're here, we're safe, and obviously the internet, at least, is working.

And I am doooooooooooone. Donedonedonedonedone! However, not Donne, as I attempted to typo. Gah, I hate his poetry. I'm amazingly exhausted, my feet feel like they want to fall off, and I get to look forward to spending most of tomorrow.. *glances at clock* today in heels.

In less that twelve hours, I will officially no longer be a college student. Wow. Guess it's time I get on with my life, ne?

...Now if I could just figure out what that meant...
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Hofuck. *finishes paper due Monday and dies*


*resurrects and goes to do some packing*
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*rages against the red squigglies* IT'S SPELLED RIGHT, IT'S JUST IN ITALIAN!!

*goes back to writing her paper*
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Yeah, I'm not sure what the title means, either. Have I mentioned Classics profs are weird?

Also, the random freaking downpour today has made me decide that moving stuff probably won't be getting done today. I had to sit through my morning classes soaked from the hips down. >( My socks were squishy. I think I may have gotten trenchfoot. It's not going to happen tomorrow, either, cause I have the stupid Phi Beta Kappa dinner to go to. Ah well, hopefully the food'll be good, at least.

Maybe Thursday'll be a nice day.
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1. Is 'frustrated and confused' a valid sexual orientation?

2. YAY! We have our apartment! Now we just have to actually move in, but WE HAVE IT YAY!

3. I'm graduating in two weeks and OMG I AM NOT READY!!ichi! *flails*

4. I have a splitting headache tonight that seems to be coming and going somewhat randomly.

5. Sheesh, flist. You guys have been emo the last couple days. Cheer up, Emo Flist. I love you all, anyway. Here, have a kitten.
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Stuff that needed to be mailed- mailed
Stuff that needed to be signed and turned in- signed and turned in
Stuff that needed to be picked up- picked up

Everything is done that I needed to get done. Except schoolwork. Namely, this paper. This paper is literally ALL I have to get done now.

...So why am I not starting on it? *flails*
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I are siiiiiiiick. I feel doubly bad cause I skipped my last class yesterday, and I think I'm gonna skip my second class today, just to give me more time to get stuff done for my last class today, which I NEED to go to, and just pray that I won't get called on, because talking is no today. Breathing is pretty no, too.

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ZOMG DOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE! :D *bounces around* And now freedom for the rest of the day. I'm moving out tomorrow, but I'm going to just be a lazy ass for the next like twelve hours. Yesssssss.

Latin and Family Diversity are known A's. Theatre History is a probable A. Philosophy is an almost definite B+ with an option on A- given a miracle. Epic Tales is a toss up, probably B+/A- but I have no idea.

(Oh, and hi Nan! ;D)
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Well, finished my paper. At 3:00 last night, actually. I'm going over it now to see if it's as much a piece of crap as I thought it was. It is. It also, however, follows the guidelines, and since I don't think he'll look any closer than to see if we HAVE 13-15 sources and used the headings, I don't think he'll notice. The paper itself probably took me MAYBE five hours. Maybe. So why was I still working on it at 3 in the morning, you ask? Because I'm lazy and it was boring. BORING I TELL YOU!!!!

So, yeah. It's done. Now I'm just being slow and proofreading it. Y'know, in case he does, SOMEHOW, get off his fat ass and actually read the papers. It's better than my other option, which is clean the room, since I'm heading home for Thanksgiving break tonight. Much as I love being with family, I miss my intarwebs. I'll actually have to be doing homework, too. Scary, ne?

You WILL be getting a con recap eventually, complete with pictures, assuming I get them uploaded. eheh -_-;; See above, re: lazy.
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I saw a three-legged dog today. Yeah, it was weird.

Then, in my Epic Tales class, my prof (who is a typical Classics prof and therefore somewhat insane) starts talking about Numa Numa. .. Yes, THAT Numa Numa. It was surreal. Plus, went to see him for advising the other day... his office would make Tenpou proud. Books covered literally every surface except for the two chair. He barely had room for his computer on the desk. It was great.

The Numa Numa weirdness comes on top of my Theatre History prof mentioning Muichimotsu in class the other day. No, he didn't call it that, but he was talking about Buddhist philosophy and non-attachment and started talking about "If you meet the Buddha in the road, kill the Buddha." Yeah. Surreal.

Oh, and by the way? To a certain someone who knows what I'm talking about...

ZOMFG SQUEEEEEEEEEE BBB EP 9 SUB ON YOUTUBE!!! o.o Zelman's even more cool when I know what he's saying. "You'll remember this, won't you? You're in my debt now."
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*dies now*
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Although I sometimes wish it were otherwise.

School is getting busy-ish as I have to finish my final that's due on Friday, but I'm not worried. Got up and left class early today to make my bus. I just finally decided that listening to him read the Gospel of John for five more minutes wasn't worth waiting another hour and a half for the next bus. So, yeah.

Finally, all five (yes, five, even though there were only four requests) flashfics are up here. Go read them, enjoy them, make more requests, you know, whatever. ;D They're all in the comments in response to the requests. I would post them elsewhere, but I'm kinda lazy. Oh well.


May. 24th, 2006 04:00 pm
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stupid fucking prof kept us so fucking long today i fucking missed my bus. class stops at 1:fucking20 not 1:25, OKAY?! anything good i've ever said about this prof, i take back. he obviously never learned to read a clock.

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No. Oh NO, you did NOT just kill me after I FINALLY beat the boss battle I've been stuck at since CHRISTMAS. YOU DID NOT. GRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAWRG, you did, you stupid fucking game!


In other news, riding the bus is going... interestingly. Got hit on yesterday... I think... The kid really wasn't very good at it. Didn't realize I was getting hit on till he gave me his phone number. His name was Mark, and he apparently goes to SCC, a community college here in town. What do you think, should I call him?

Class is interesting, prof is cool. He speaks like fourteen different ancient languages. Whee. Plus, he's just funny enough to keep even the really boring stuff kinda interesting and he paraphrases the Bible in weird ways. Plus, he's the first person I've ever heard describe Jesus as 'pithy.' So, summer class is going okay. I make have to change my mind once I start on the take-home test that's due on Monday.

Other than that, life is pretty boring, cept for the bad stuff. Not too much bad stuff, just a rather normal, mundane, every day amount of bad stuff. It can pretty much be summed up by the song 'Endless Night' from The Lion King )

So, I spose right now, I'm just waiting for the sun to rise. Can't keep me waiting forever, right?
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Okay, first, I know I've just got some new friends from the friending frenzy. Yo and welcome. If you missed it, don't forget to take advantage of the meme nyah. Please, I'm looking for stuff to distract me from the scariness that is this next week starting Saturday.

Which brings me to my second point. Saturday is the final viewing of my final project for my directing class. I have a rehearsal tonight, after which it is literally out of my hands. So from 6:30 tonight to about 12:30 or so Saturday afternoon, I will be able to do nothing but worry about whether it will turn out right. I've given up working on my other paper until Saturday night. It's not gonna get done. Oh well. Am I worrying too much? Flist, what would YOU do if you had a final project that makes up a large percentage of your grade and you had nothing to do with the final presenting of it? *is scared*



Apr. 7th, 2006 10:58 am
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um... okay, something weird happened today.....

We were discussing our directing scenes in my directing class today. We never actually got around to discussing half of them, including mine, cause we ran out of time, but we decided to vote for a class favorite. Class favorite would get extra credit for the scene.... We were allowed to vote for ourselves if we wanted, but I figured mine didn't have a chance in hell, so I voted for another girl whose scene I kinda liked, although none of them really stuck out as OMGWONDERFUL. The girl I voted for won, not surprising, hers was just about the best executed of all the scenes... but only one other person in the class even got any votes..... and guess who that was. o.O Granted, even if I HAD voted for myself, that still wouldn't have given me the most votes, but... MY SCENE WASN"T THAT GOOD... was it? I have no idea, but voting for yourself is just so weird, so even though I feel like maybe I should have voted for myself now, I'm still kinda glad I didn't. Anyway, since only two of us got votes, the class almost kinda sorta decided to change the rule and give us both extra credit points, but I don't know if the teacher will actually do that or not.

Strange, strange day...... and it's only 11:00.....


Apr. 6th, 2006 11:44 am
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Got a presentation in my 12:30 class... which means I'll be up presenting in like an hour.... I'm very nervous... don't wanna give this presentation.... I know what I'm gonna talk about.... worse comes to worst, I can just read my five-page paper and be done with it.... There's only been one interesting report out of the like fifteen who have already gone.......... but I'm still nervous.... I WANT IT TO BE FRIDAY *whimpers*
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Interesting happening in class today. We're reading Dostoyevsky's "The Brother's Karamozov" and, to make a long story short, there's a chap that mentions someone dying of consumption. So a girl asks "what's that?" The teacher said he didn't really know, so a couple of us pipe up with the fact that it's what they used to call tuberculosis. Blank expressions on 3/4 of the faces in class. Finally, I go "It's what Satine had in Moulin Rouge."

A pause. "oh..." Sudden recognition. "....OH!"

And pop culture once again makes the world safe for learning.


Mar. 9th, 2006 03:46 pm
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Okay, I've had a couple of things happen lately, so I thought I'd do a short update.

First- I got a 98% on my Byzantine history test!! This made me very happy and yay. It was the highest grade in the class. As horrible and worthless as I've been feeling over the last couple test grades I've gotten (and shup, War, I KNOW they aren't that bad, but still) getting a good grade finally restored some of my faith in my studying abilities. Which is good since I have two tests as soon as I come back from spring break.

Second- I was tagged for the bribery meme by [ profile] youko_astarael, so, in no particular order...

1. attention/affection
2. caramels
3. stuffed animals
4. a philosophical discussion on the uses of symbolism in just about anything
5. money

There's probably some other stuff that would fit, but... only 5, ya? And I don't feel like tagging anybody.


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